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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us, so please read to understand how we use your data.

Why are we so specific?

We have noticed that many websites fail to have a privacy policy that is very specific in regards to what they do with the data they collect, and others that neglect to even reveal how they use that data. Here at ARTSEN DESIGN LLC we believe in transparency in our intentions and thus care very much in being honest and clear with both how we collect this data and what we do with it.

Privacy Policy Intro

The following privacy policy contains all information regarding what ARTSEN DESIGN LLC does with your information collected through this website. No other activities will be done with that information for anything other than what is stated in the following paragraphs. When discussing third-party sites used all data is stored in a secure environment, transmitted through SSL, stored within reputable services and all setting regarding sharing of said information or meta-information is set to off or private with no other accounts having access other than ones owned by ARTSEN DESIGN LLC. Links will be provided to all of the services used and their privacy policy so that you can understand what they collect, how, and what they do with that data.

At no time will any of your information be used for servicing third-party advertisements or for any other form of monetization while on www.artsendesign.com. If you at any time see advertisements, banners or pop-ups to third party websites that are not owned and operated by ARTSEN DESIGN LLC please contact us immediately at webmaster@artsendesign.com.

Internal Session Gathering

During your visit you will be directed through CloudFlare's DNS to our server where your ip address, and user agent will be collected. Your ip address will then be passed through the ip-api.org's IP tables to pass your geo-location back to our server. We will then tailor our content based on that information to better assist you while also lowering the load on our server by restricting known threat ip addresses. We will filter the information and only collect the data that fits within our parameters which we have defined internally. If you would like more information regarding these parameters please contact us at webmaster@artsendesign.com.

Any information gathered through internal non third-party means is transmitted through SSL and saved in a privately stored encrypted database, this will only be used for internal marketing and user experience purposes and available only to ARTSEN DESIGN LLC. The only non encrypted data gathered are in the form of logs which are collected on a very specific basis and used only for error checking/debugging.

External Analytic Data Collection

ARTSEN DESIGN LLC uses multiple different services to manage and collect data for analytic purposes. These are to monitor traffic, pages visited, time visited, scroll depth, areas focused on, objects clicked, ip, useragent, geolocation, demographics and interaction. This information is used to determine and alter our content, keywords, and style to better reach the proper traffic and in turn serve our customers with content that helps them navigate the site more seamlessly. This information is also filtered to restrict access to known threats to better protect our servers and data. The services used are reputable and popular.

Cloudflare is our first third party service we use to manage requests and security, this is where we filter threats, enforce SSL, and attach a number of apps to better monitor analytics (for more information please visit Cloudflare's Security Policy). Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are the first two of those attached apps, which allows us to monitor traffic, errors, page views, requests, and other session information in more detail (for more information please visit Google Analytics Privacy Policy. Clicky is the third of those attached apps, which allows us to better monitor page depth, heat maps, detailed session information and heatmaps (for more information please visit Clicky's Terms). The final external service used is ip-api, which passed us geolocation to tailor the content requested on the server. These services are only accessible by accounts owned by ARTSEN DESIGN LLC.


Cookies are files saved within your temporary browser files that are used to offer resource caching to increase the speed and to monitor for repeat visits. Many of the third party sites also use cookies to perform certain functions, all of which are described within the links posted in the above paragraph. These cookies can be deleted at any time and are of no threat to your computer, they are also very small in size as to not take up much space, to learn how to delete these please visit Delete Browser History.

Email/Personal Contact

All of our emails or personal contacts with us are private and secured through SSL and other means of encryption to protect the content there within. Never will any of your messages with us will be saved or transmitted un-encrypted or shared outside of our own internal files, which are stored in an offline encrypted environment.

We use two services to handle contact information gathering, newsletter creation, and other email marketing management. The first service is Formstack, which is what we use to gather the initial contact information, on their servers directly (for more information please visit Formstack's Privacy Policy). MailChimp is the second service we use to handle newsletter sending and monitoring campaigns (for more information please visit MailChimp's Privacy Policy).


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